Effects of maternal hyperlipidemia on embryo-derived macrophages and perinatal immune development

Graphical abstract for Project B09

In this project, we analyze how maternal hyperlipidemia affects embryonic macrophages – the cell type at the core of the project leader's research interests.

Tools include temporal control of metabolic disease activity during pregnancy with low density lipoprotein receptor anti-sense oligonucleotides, cross fostering experiments, and long-term phenotyping of prenatally exposed mice. Furthermore, we investigate study human placental pathology with a focus on embryo-derived Hofbauer macrophages and maternal decidua macrophages.



Mural cell-derived chemokines provide a protective niche to safeguard vascular macrophages and limit chronic inflammation

Pekayvaz K, Gold C, Hoseinpour P, Engel A, Martinez-Navarro A, Eivers L, Coletti R, Joppich M, Dionísio F, Kaiser R, Tomas L, Janjic A, Knott M, Mehari F, Polewka V, Kirschner M, Boda A, Nicolai L, Schulz H, Titova A, Kilani B, Lorenz M, Fingerle-Rowson G, Bucala R, Enard W, Zimmer R, Weber C, Libby P, Schulz C, Massberg S, Stark K.