New paper from PILOT members Hornef, Clavel and Rosshart

PILOT members including Mathias Hornef, Tom Clavel and Stephan Rosshart have recently published a new paper in the journal Immunity.

This study reveals that the timing of microbial recognition by the adaptive immune system in Peyer's patches is predominantly governed by the host rather than the microbiota, despite early colonization of the neonatal intestine by microbes. Establishing a balanced and harmonious interaction between the enteric microbiota and the mucosal immune system postnatally hinges on the maturation of follicle-associated epithelial M cells and dendritic cells (DC) in mice, occurring during the weaning phase.

Furthermore, the composition of DC populations undergoes dynamic shifts during postnatal development. Notably, neonates exhibit a propensity towards DC1 and Rorgt+APC, a novel cell type characterized in this study within Peyer's patches. In contrast, adults harbor elevated quantities of more mature DC2 cells. These findings open novel avenues for investigating and enhancing T cell responses, which is essential for optimizing vaccine formulations, among other applications.

The paper is available online here.

Congratulations to the whole team!