First CoPILOT Retreat

From November 13-15, 2023, our first CoPILOT Retreat took place at Kloster Schöntal, a picturesque monastery in Baden-Württemberg. Since the launch of TRR359 it was the first opportunity for CoPILOT members from all five PILOT sites to meet in person at one place.


The program started with a welcome address, an overview on the upcoming CoPILOT curriculum, and a roadmap for the first funding period. During the three days all participating doctoral candidates presented their current research work either during a short talk or at the poster. Every oral presentation resulted in lively discussions on the project and beyond. The poster sessions in particular led to collaborative dialogues and a valuable exchange of information between the young researchers of the various PILOT groups. The PIs of the CoPILOT board provided additional scientific background and suggestions.


In addition to science, the retreat also addressed the topic of supervision. To prepare for this, CoPILOT doctoral candidates and PILOT PIs were asked to take part in a survey prior to the retreat. The results of these surveys were presented in an own session which gave interesting insights into what good supervision means for both status groups. Building on these findings, PILOT supervision guidelines and agreements are now planned to be developed.


This first retreat was extremely valuable not only on the scientific level but also on a personal level. It will certainly be a base for new collaborations and exchange with peers and foster network formation by the young researchers within PILOT.


Thanks to all organizers of this retreat – especially to our CoPILOT doctoral representatives who contributed greatly to the success of the Retreat 2023!